If you have been thinking about enrolling your child in a Top Canadian Private School for better education and future opportunities as an adult, this school is for you.

Welcome to Banbury Crossroads School where we are proud to offer your child:


Individualized attention in a student to teacher ratio of 8:1 promotes a nurturing environment where students get ample help to thrive in their studies! Students Learn to Mastery in our unique program, established in 1979!


Close to the Rocky Mountains, it's a great place to live, study, and play in! The city and our school welcome international students from all over the world alongside our Canadian students.


The world increasingly requires not only masterful academic skills, but also social-emotional skills, communication skills, technological mastery, and the ability to work resiliently in a self-directed environment. Banbury Crossroads School teaches all these critical skills! 

We strive for the best fit for students applying to enroll in our School. This ensures that the environment remains inclusive, friendly, diverse, and safe for all members of our community. We are committed to maintaining a comfortable, low-stress, collaborative learning environment for all our students and staff.

Your child will be a great fit in our school if they:

  • Possess basic English competency

  • Want to learn curricular material in English

  • Want to improve their language skills

  • Would love to work at their own pace

  • Want close, personal attention from their teachers

  • Love to be around other Canadian and international students

  • Enjoy being in a fun and unique school environment with no grades and no homework

  • Like to learn and play both alone and with their peers in mixed-age cohorts

  • Are curious and open minded, and love to learn

  • Like having their interests drive their schoolwork

  • Are gifted, and are motivated to succeed

What Students and Parents have to say about Banbury Crossroads:

  If you’ve wanted to send your child to Canada for:

A Better Education

A Better Quality of Life

Better Opportunities as an Adult

A Safe Clean Urban Environment

What does the Application process look like?


Begin Your Journey

Click 'Apply' to initiate your exciting journey with us! You'll be invited for a complimentary chat with our Admissions team, marking the first step in exploring the potential of a Banbury Crossroads education for your child.


Let’s Engage in Conversation

During our initial conversation, we'll delve into understanding whether our school aligns with your child’s educational needs. You’ll also gain insights into the enriching experiences that Banbury Crossroads offers. This exchange is a great opportunity for us to align our educational goals with your aspirations for your child.


Let’s Discover and Share

The next phase involves a video call with one of our educators to gently assess your child’s English skills in a relaxed and supportive setting. Following this, an educational consultant will join you for a conversation to explore your child’s strengths and any areas where they may need support. This engaging dialogue is an opportunity for both parents and children to express their perspectives and preferences.


Decision and Next Steps

Our Admissions Committee will thoughtfully review each application and make their decision. Upon acceptance, you’ll proceed with registration and receive your Letter of Acceptance. This document is crucial for your Study Permit application. Rest assured, our team will be on hand to assist you through the application process, ensuring a smooth transition to studying in Canada.

Choose to Succeed, at Banbury Crossroads School!

Cory Wright-Maley

Parent testimonial

"I cannot say enough about the positive experience we have had with Banbury Crossroads. Our son, who struggled to have his gifted needs met at two different public schools, has absolutely thrived here. The teachers embody the kindness, curiosity, and dedication that are the hallmarks of humanistic education, and their teaching is tailored to students' unique abilities. As a professor of education, I am convinced that Banbury's approach to education is how we would design teaching and learning if we were somehow able to start schooling from scratch."

Iain Richardson

Student testimonial

"I attended Banbury from grades 8-12 between the years of 1996-2000. The independent learning environment allowed me to explore my academic interests while ensuring that I recieved a well grounded and comprehensive high school education. The teaching staff encouraged me to develop intrinsic rather than extrinsic motivations for learning; this has given me a lifelong appreciation for the value of self motivation both during my post-secondary education and my career. I cannot speak highly enough regarding the dedication and commitment of the teaching staff. I have maintained a relationship with the teachers at Banbury and consider them to be both my mentors and friends."

Richard Weber

Parent testimonial

"As a parent for 6 years, I can say that this school is ideal for many students who find that the public system does not work for them. The learning is student focused and the students are responsible for their education. The staff not only know every student by name but also their background and situation so no student slips through the cracks. Many of the behaviors that are typical in other schools are not tolerated at Banbury due to their "respect for self, respect for others and respect for our place" policy. Students feel very safe at this school."

Evia Hayter

Student testimonial

"Banbury taught me how to keep myself on track and push myself to work harder. I attended Banbury from grade 3 to 6 and they helped me stay on track and manage my school work while I was a very serious dancer. I now go to Alberta Ballet School and my teachers there are amazed with my knowledge and how mature I am. Banbury taught me so many things and I believe it is a great school. I go back to visit regularly and everyone is so welcoming."

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